Which type or style should you buy? Over the years we have found that budget is the main criteria so we have split our private number plates database into two parts, under £1,000 and over £1,000. (please see below).

Our DVLA Registration Plate Database

We have access to over 38million number plates on a totally unique database system developed especially to search for any combination of letters or numbers available on sale in the UK.

Quality Private Number Plates For Quality People…

If you have a few hundred pounds to spend on a private number plate, a DVLA “off the shelf” number plate is most definitley the best option. You can find these by using our “make your own number plates” page. Make your own number plate now! choose from two main styles – Prefix or Current.

If you have a few thousand pounds to spend, you can buy some very nice none dated numbers (dateless private number plates). All none dated numbers can be found using our private number plates search system. Search for a number plate now.

Want A Specific Registration?

Our Reg Finder is a totally unique system for numberplate buyers that can not find a personalised registration available in the present market place. Find out more about Reg Finder here.

We can attend DVLA auctions on your behalf to bid for particular registrations – saving you time and money.  Read more about our bidding service here.

Acrylic Number Plates

What ever type of number plate you decide to buy use our number plate maker to get your top quality, legal,  physical number plates produced and delivered directly to your door. Find out more about our number plate maker here.


Personalised number plates make a fantastic gift and a sensible investment. You do not need to have a Vehicle to buy a registration and we will even gift wrap the plates if you like. Use our search to see which registrations are available and how much they cost – you can make your own DVLA Number Plates from as little as £179.
We can offer you advice on what to buy in your price range and even provide you with a gift certificate. Find out more about our gift service here.

Car Registrations Finder

We register your requirements in our car number plates wanted database and we tell you when a personalised private plate becomes available.
Visit Reg Finder

Make Private Number Plates

Use our DVLA plates maker to search for initials and numbers that relate to you or cherished number plates. It produces instant results and clear prices.
Make Number Plates

Sell Your Car Registrations

We have 10,000 car registration buyers waiting for private number plates at anyone time. Top cash prices paid for single digits, single letters and high value plates.
Sell a Number Plate
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