Reg Finder is a totally unique system for number plate buyers that can not find a personalised registration available in the present market place.

Our system will register your details privately in our car number plates wanted database and advise you as soon as a personalised registration becomes available. This system is also linked to our car number plates sellers system to enable a registration seller to advise you direct as soon as they decide to sell a number plate.

E.g If you are looking for the rare JW 1 or even a JW then single number, this service will log your details on our secure server, each time our database is updated (with 99% of all avail number plates) it will auto-update you by email, ONLY if we find a match. ( JW 6 has just come onto the market and is showing as available for ?).

Reg-Finder is able to look further for you, car registrations can appear at any time in any place. Reg-Finder has agents all over the UK searching old garages, scanning the masses of local classified ads, peoples draws, old farm barns for interesting and unique number plates.

If its available Reg-Finder will find it for you..

Please Only Use Reg-Finder If You Have Searched Our Main Database First – to search our database click here.

To use our registration finder click here.

Car Registrations Finder

We register your requirements in our car number plates wanted database and we tell you when a personalised private plate becomes available.
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